Scientific Reasons Why Men Who Like Plus Size Women

Although society and fashion increasingly with implacable cruelty impose women to be size zero to be considered valuable and beautiful, the reality is different. The magazine British Magazine did a survey among its readers who are in the range of 18 to 50 years, and all said they prefer a woman of large who like plus size women

Famous men like Pierce Brosnan, Robert De Niro, and Hugh Jackman are applauded and admired, for not only ignoring but passing over clichés, ridicule and stereotypes nothing more and nothing less than in Hollywood, the birthplace of the Botox and the scalpel, with wives to beautiful women who pass with size XL.

In a matter of masculine tastes, there is nothing written, and it has been said until the satiety. Blondes, brunettes or redheads, high or low, thin or with curves, all are the most common female prototypes, and that predominate in taste but which of them is more common or necessarily more desired by men in general. As per the science, there are large numbers of men who like plus size women.

Why do men adore fat women and what attracts them in an appetizing fullness?

People joke that 90% of men love fat women, while the remaining 10% keep this fact a secret. But in every joke, as we know, there is some truth. If you look around, there are really a lot of couples in which the woman has many curves. And not all thin girls have a partner.

There are even some clubs where men go to witness the beauty of exuberant women. And they go to these places even those who have a wife model. Well, tastes and preferences are a purely personal question and very questionable.

But there is a question: if it is worthwhile for overweight women to continue fighting, pursuing the illusion that success in men is only for thin women. Let’s find out once and for all whether excess weight is a sentence or a path to happiness.

Let us learn scientific reason why men prefer women with large curves:

Curves are a pleasure:

In the light of a study conducted by graduates of a prestigious university in the United States that question has an apparent answer because it was studied that men have a weakness towards the curves because the point of excitement is much faster at the brain level.

The brain activity is so strong that it is equivalent to “pleasure” when they see a more curvilinear body.

The study, led by the researcher involved work with 14 men, whose average age was 25 years. They were shown photographs of a group of women with marked hips, while the experts obtained evidence of activity similar to that recorded with the consumption of alcohol or drugs in the brains of men. The same experts pointed out that it should not be surprising either that the evolution of the species is linked to the fact that the male brain reacts pleasantly to the sight of an attractive woman.

Men feel better when they are stressed:

The scientific journal Plus One, meanwhile, delivered the results of a very serious study that burst social networks, where they explained that men under moments or periods of stress preferred a woman of large size.

The reason is evolutionary because when resources are unpredictable or scarce, the physique of a thin woman can be a sign of illness, inability to reproducing, and fragility.

Very functional to reproduction:

Women with more voluptuous bodies or larger, not only invite cultural reproduction, but the characteristics of “extra” fat in areas such as thighs and buttocks would contain omega 3, an acid that helps the mother during her period of gestation, as well as having smarter babies, as determined by a study from the University of Santa Barbara.

From the evolutionary point of view:

Experts also reveal that man evolutionarily has always preferred women with wide hips, regardless of their weight. For primitive man, having a curvaceous woman was necessary during the mating periods, so not only did the woman have more calories to burn, but thanks to the fat which increases the presence of estrogen, her fertility lasted longer.

Taste for a large bust:

Some anthropologists recognize that men prefer large bust women who are explained by the complicated theory that talks about monkeys and their reproductive habits. The theory is that when the monkeys started walking on two feet, the breasts were indicative for them when the female was ready to mate.

As we have learned here, men would prefer the ‘big size women.’ And is that women with a more voluptuous body, feel beautiful and very attractive. They know how to move, how to enjoy and please.

Do you believe? So here we present seven reasons that show that they are excellent lovers and best couples.

1. It is a scientific fact:

As we have learned above, scientific research shows that men are genetically wired to be sexually attracted to a woman with curves. Men find women who have a waist at 60% the size of their hips more attractive, something like the hourglass figure.

2. Trust:

Beauty has nothing to do with size, but it has to do with trust and the latter with incredible sex.

3. A healthy appetite:

Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows how to please; A woman who does not have taboos in choosing her food or her drink, will not find buts at the time of sex.

4. Life is too short to live without gluten:

If you go out with that girl who refuses to eat extra calories, she definitely will not want to eat dessert after sex.

5. Breasts:

Well, not all curvy girls are blessed with big breasts, but the possibilities swing a little more in their favor.

6. Back:

According to a study conducted by the University of Oxford, a woman with a big butt will procreate healthy children due to the high amount of omega three fatty acids that they store.

7. The best rest:

The curves of the female body are the best place to rest after sex, without being afraid that a bone of it will hurt you.

In this way, not everything is to have a top-model physicist, there are many men who value other things, and it is being seen as more and more they “prefer them fat.”