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Having plus size is not a problem anymore! There is no need to worry about finding a date if someone is not having a perfect slim body. As its name suggests, BBWCupid is designed for Big Beautiful Women and their admirers who want to spend quality time or find the love of their lives. Quite certainly, BBWCupid is one of the top and preferable dating websites since it has a user-friendly interface, easy to use layout and plethora of options. Every feature is designed in such a way that it adds more excitement and interest among the users.

For first time users, the features may not be as discerning as others but once they understand the platform, it would be quite easy to notice features that make a difference between BBWCupid and other websites. One of the features allows users to know everything about each other according to their interest. For instance, if a man is looking for BBW, he can easily visit the respective profile and explore numerous personal and professional details about the women. The information involves hair type, income, height, nationality, likes and dislikes, interests, hobbies etc that give an idea of who and how the individual thinks and leads the life. Even, there are details about what users want in their love companions.

How to Become a Member?

Just like other BBW dating websites, it’s quite easy to be its member. People just have to log on to and click on the sign-up option to start filling out standard information, consisting of name, gender, age, email etc. Once they are done, they would be directed to lengthier text boxes that need profile headlines, a small description and preferences for their partners. This is everything one would find in almost all dating websites.

Once done, members are then required to fill up additional information about how they are and what they do. This form is usually divided into four parts: Basic, Looks, Lifestyle/Living, and Cultural Views/Background. This is where BBWCupid stands out among other websites as members can specify their expectations.

How to Subscribe?

As a matter of fact, BBWCupid is a premium plus size dating website that gives free access to basic features only. However, if members want to avail more advanced and interesting features, they would have to take memberships by paying certain subscription charges on monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Here, the thing to know is that BBWCupid has different types of memberships. First is ‘Gold Membership’ that charges:

$24.98 per month
$16.66 per month, on the quarterly basis
$12.5 per month, on semi-annually basis
$8.33 per month, annually
Second is ‘Premium Membership’, which charges:

$29.99 per month
$20 per month, on the quarterly basis
$16.66 per month, semi-annually
$10 per month, annually
These subscription charges changes with the passage of time and readers are recommended to keep on checking the cost before taking any membership.


The criteria matching system of BBWCupid is another interesting feature that explains if users are visiting the right profile or they have to switch. Since the website asks various questions about what traits members would like to see in their partners, the process gets a lot easier than before. When a user selects a profile, there would either be a green dot (showing the perfect match) or a red dash (that shows no). This feature allows users to decide on whether the selection is worth messaging or they have to seek someone else instead of wasting time in reading the lengthy profile.

Though, the thing to remember is that availability of features is according to the membership. For standard members, there would be the restriction on creating a brief profile. Even, when they send a note of interest to someone, they wouldn’t be able to use advanced features like instant messenger and email.

As for gold members, they have access to the following features:

Read messages from standard members
Initiate live chats with whoever they want- with the help of the inbuilt instant messenger
Create a personality profile
Let free members read the messages
Add personal details in the messages
Golden profiles always come before standard ones
When it comes to premium membership, it offers the following features:

Creation of a video profile
Access to the latest search options
Exchange video mails
Addition of notes to profiles that people are interested in
Highlight profile in order to stand out from others
Messages are translated when received from others


Considering the user-friendly interface, features, and availability of options, BBWCupid has proved to be one of the best dating websites. The platform is quite easy to navigate and with separate sections for every feature, there wouldn’t be any problem for the users to find a perfect match according to their expectations. Its basic search option is quite accessible to all users and members can get access to as many features as they want, just by paying a certain amount.

BBWCupid requires paid members to specify their relationship preferences and the kind of a partner they are looking for. It doesn’t matter if individuals are looking for friendships, romance or better-halves, this website is committed to working in the way users want.

BBWCupid is quite easy to use and the best thing is that members can easily find out if the visited profile has the same features that users want in their partners. Their search for the right person would be quite effortless!

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